PJ Madsen's Playing Card Museum

You will find some general information about cards on this site, but if you prefer to VIEW the cards, CLICK HERE or go straight to the Gallery.
Please note!!!
This site is constantly being updated. New Decks will be added whenever I get time.
I will endeavor to display decks which have little exposure elsewhere on the web.
How did I get started?
Since childhood I have always been fascinated by Playing Cards. I grew up in a card playing house, and as students we played cards all the time. Often during the breaks we wouldn't even leave the class room, but turn into 4s and play cards. It was mainly Whist, but we did also play card games with less sober sounding names. As an adult I am a keen "BRIDGE" player. Throughout I have preferred to play with non-standard courts.

My collection therefore started with various NON-Standard (unusual) European Court cards (Kings/Queens/Jacks), but always with French Suits (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs).

This is still what a large proportion of my collection consists of, but since then I have also acquired a number of Historical Packs (the courts represents people from history) International/Ethnic Courts and various Novelty Cards. In addition I have a number of Transfer, Art and Advertising cards.
I find English (International Standard) Courts uninteresting and less colourful, so I only collect these if they are "somewhat different". I prefer decks where the suits are colour-coordinated because they are visually very pleasing AND very easy to play with.
A MUSEUM on the net???

I always thought that one day, I would open a museum to display the cards I have collected over the years.
However technology has overtaken that idea, and now I can display my cards here in this "Virtual Museum" rather than a building made from bricks and mortar.