PJ Madsen's Playing Card Museum

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Why do Playing Cards fascinate me?
1. Basically they are ONLY 52 pieces of paper - or in some countries less. And the mere fact that 52 pieces of paper can keep people occupied for HOURS and have been able to do so for centuries, can be no less than astonishing.
2. I also see Playing Cards as "Works of Art". Indeed many famous artists have designed packs of cards, either individually or collectively. You will find some examples of these on this site.

I have tried to make this site educational by adding additional information on some of the Card Pages especially with regard to History and Culture.
Most of this information has been obtained from the leaflets that are sometimes found with the cards. But some of it I have researched myself. If however you find any inaccuracies or areas of discrepancies then please let me know via the "Contact" option. Indeed if you have any additional information about any of the decks displayed, then this would be most gratefully received.
How do I display my cards?
I use a ring binder, and place the cards in plastic pockets.
I have found these 2 products from AVERY, which seem to work quite well: I use a Heavy Duty EZD View Binder, and fill it with Trading Card Pages (TCP1OP).
There are 9 pockets on each sheet, and 10 sheets in a pack. As I mainly collect packs with non-standard courts, I do not
generally displays the PIP cards. So a double spread of pockets (18) suits my purpose perfectly. It gives me a couple of pockets to display the backs, Jokers, Embellished Aces or any information cards which might be included in the pack.
I use a 3" thick folder which displays around 80 packs. My current collection numbers approx 350.
The above mentioned Avery products are available from Staples.
Avery® Heavy-Duty View Binder with 2" One Touch EZD™ Ring 79692, Black Product Number: approx 18$. Pockets Product Number 76016.
I am purely an amateur collector, and have NO knowledge of values or prices of cards. But for other matters and comments please feel free to contact me, CLICK HERE.