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The designer of these Shakespeare cards, Donald Burton, was involved as an actor in the great cycle of history plays "THE WARS OF THE ROSES" presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain. He has preserved many of his most vivid impressions of that production in his portrayal of the playing card figures.
War of the Roses
"We will unite the White rose and the Red"

English dynastic warfare between the families of Lancaster (RED) and York (WHITE) between 1377 and 1486.
Spades and Clubs devoted to the Yorkists &
Hearts and Diamonds to the Lancastrians.

Henry VI - a pious man witnessed the most acute phase of this war.
Edward IV usurped the throne from Henry VI after the battle of Towton 1461.
Richard III was the brother of Edward IV. Usurped the throne from Edward V.
Henry VII usurped the throne from Richard III in 1485. He married Elisabeth of York, and thus ending the war!
by Piatnik (prob 1960s)
these cards are later sold as "Shakespeare" PIATNIK No2145 (widely available).

unusual suit indices: Swords (for rebellion), Chalices, Clubs (for tyranny) & Coins.