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Vito Timmel, Painter (1886-1949).
Was born (Vittorio Thümmel) in Vienna but moved to Trieste in 1890, at this time it was still under the Austro-Hungarian empire.
He expressed himself in his own way but was inspired by the main painting tendencies of the time, and he was especially influenced by Klimt.
He participated in various exhibitions including Venice and always to great critical acclaim.
He was also a graphic designer for the movie industry and involved in the advertising market, specifically for giant posters.
Timmel: Giochi di Corte
“Ghiochi di Corte” means Court Games, and these colourful cards feature the art work of Vito Timmel. They were produced by Cambissa of Trieste.
As you sometimes find with cards, the costumes are not from the same time period.
The Kings are from the Middle Ages, the Queens are in contemporary clothes - prob 1920s; and the Jacks are from various times.
I have a SPARE SEALED deck of these cards, which I am happy to sell, if interested, please contact me!