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Card playing is not as popular in Greece as it is elsewhere and their uptake has been slower than in other parts of Europe.
Greek card players today use either the Anglo-American or French National pattern.
Belgian or Genoese style cards have also been used.
In the 1920s the manufacturers Paignioxartopoeion e Elpis of Corfu made a pack with Venetian format and Greek mythological figures on the court cards. This pack disappeared after the Italian invasion in 1939.

Grafika Teknai Aspioti-Elka of Athens introduced this national French-suited pattern, also with classical figures on the court cards, which remained in production for many decades.
             From “The World of Playing Cards”
Ancient Greece
Made by Aspioti Elka A.E. Greece, 1960
52 cards + 2 Jokers.

Ancient greek-style courts with Greek indices (crowns above Kings' suit signs).

The court cards portray ancient heroes of Greece.
The National indices on French-suited cards are in Greek characters: B (King); K (Queen or Maid); O (Valet).
These cards are not easy to find, but I do have a SPARE deck which I am willing to sell or swap.