PJ Madsen's Playing Card Museum

This imaginative deck showcases the
work of America's finest quilt artists.
Each of the playing cards pictures a different
art quilt designed specifically for that
card. Wide-ranging in techniques and
styles. the 54 quilts represent a splendid
cross-section of American quilt art.
With this unique playable deck.
no one will ever be dealt a bad hand.
The Art Quilt - a full deck
Transformation cards
For the first time, quilt artists have transformed the 52 playing cards and two jokers of a modem deck into handsome, contemporary art quilts.
Working in their own styles, with no knowledge of what the others were doing, 54 artists followed one simple guideline from project organizer Sue Pierce: to create a "stitched construction of three or more layers made primarily of fabric, 28 inches high and 18 inches wide, with rounded comers—the proportions of a standard playing card.

The 54 quilts first appeared at the Smithsonian Institution's Renwick Gallery in Spring 1995, as the inaugural showing of a three-year traveling exhibition.